Kendall & Co.

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Offering a wide range of design furnishings and home decorating solutions. In fact, first and foremost, KENDALL & Co is a Residential Design firm.


How do you like to eat cabbage?

Finely chopped in a pan-fried savoury meat dumpling.

Tell me more about your operation

The flexibility of their showroom allows them to adapt quickly to market trends. From seasonal gifts to custom window treatment – they are ready to help customers find the latest and greatest. With a full-service design studio, KENDALL & Co are set to take on challenges big and small with his design staff.

How long have you been in business?

Starting in October 1998 on Winchester St., Kendall Williams is one of the biggest Cabbagetown advocates you’ll ever meet. He know the houses, their history and how to make them shine.

What’s your favorite neighbourhood story?

When asked about how the neighbourhood has transformed over the years, Kendall said it really hasn’t changed that much. It is more about one’s perception of Cabbagetown and he has a fantastic story for us: he walked past the same man every day who would hang out on the corner; the kind of guy most people may not even notice. But Kendall would say hello and he would greet him back. This went on for years. Then, on a particularly trying day for Kendall, he walked by and the man asked if he was okay. He picked up on the fact that something was askew.