MerryBerry Cafe & Bistro

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Check out CABBAGETOWN HIVE a new dining experience located in Merry Berry Cafe & Bistro!


The entire menu is thoughtfully curated. Cyril put it best by saying, “if we are not having fun with it we are not putting it in.”


How do you like to eat cabbage?

In their very pretty (and tasty!) coleslaw with green apple, raisins and cranberries.

Tell me more about your operation

The interior design must be seen. Choosing “picnic” as the theme, Cyril gathered ideas from French design magazines and he has worked with a designer to create the whimsical, charming dining room. In the summer, guests enjoy their marvelous patio tucked away from the traffic on Parliament Street. The entire space is truly a visual delight, including the washrooms that have drawn in customers on word of mouth just to see them!

Favorite product or menu item?

Earl Grey Crème Brûlée.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2010

What inspired you to open shop in Cabbagetown?

Drawn to Cabbagetown for its architecture and European feel, Cyril fell in love with the neighbourhood. When the opportunity arrived to open his bistro close to home, it was ideal after a long search for suitable space.

What’s your favorite neighbourhood story?

Cyril told us a great story, where a little girl celebrated her first birthday at MerryBerry. Later one morning her parents asked what she would like for breakfast. Turning down suggestions of toast or cereal but being too young to speak, she babbled on trying to get her wishes across. What eventually came out? “MerryBerry!”