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Cabbagetown Living

Cabbagetown is your local small town, right here in the big city of Toronto. As always, this month we have rounded up lots for you to do, see and taste in Cabbagetown. From 150 Canadian tweets to anniversaries and $10 eats, our little town can’t be beat!

Cabbagetown Jet Fuel


Last month many were worried when the famed Jet Fuel Coffee Shop  sign vanished from the facade of our beloved coffee joint. We were all of course relieved when we found out it had just been removed for a spruce up in honour of the business’ 25th anniversary which was celebrated on April 1st. You read that right… 25th! For a quarter of a century Torontonians have been coming to Cabbagetown to get fueled up with the best caffeine in town. Hey, there is a reason there is a rocket ship on the sign 😉

Cabbagetown Kelley Teahen


CISON recently released a list of 7 Canadian influencers and projects covering Canada 150 they think everyone needs to follow on twitter. Local Cabbagetowner Kelley Teahen was one of the seven! It is no wonder she got their attention. Teahen has pledged to tweet once per day for 150 days content that defines Canada. Jump over to CISON’s website by clicking here to find out more and be sure to follow this local resident on twitter as she shares Canada with the world. (@kteahen)

Cabbagetown El Charro


blogTO must have a sweet spot for Mexican food and Cabbagetown. For the second month in a row our member friends at El Charro have been featured! This time they made the list of 10 New Toronto Restaurants You Can Eat At For Under $10. What are you waiting for? Come dine with us!

Cabbagetown Pet Clinic


When it comes to Easter lilies, our member friends at Cabbagetown Pet Clinic want to make sure your cat is safe…
Did you know exposure to common Easter lilies, tiger lilies and stargazer lilies sicken and kill thousands of cats annually? Approximately 30% of cat owners are unaware of how deadly these plants really are!

These beautiful flowers are often found in cut-flower bouquets or potted for the Easter holiday. If you have cats at home, it’s critical that you do not bring these flowers inside. The toxin has not been identified, but exposure to any part of the plant, including leaves, flowers, pollen, or even the water from the vase may result in acute kidney failure in cats in as short as 18 hours. Common signs to watch for are inappetence, lethargy, hiding, vomiting, diarrhea, halitosis (bad breath), dehydration, inappropriate urination or thirst and seizures. If your pet displays any of these symptoms bring them immediately to a veterinarian; do not delay!

Before introducing new plants and flowers into your home Cabbaegtown Pet Clinic suggests you always do your research to make sure they are pet friendly.

Cabbagetown's Bunny Hop


The Cabbagetown Bunny HOP will be Saturday April 8th, 11am – 1pm at the corner of Carlton and Parliament. The event will include live music for all ages, a crafts table for kids and a visit from a certain rabbit. Do not forget there is still time to enter our colouring contest before the big day!  To enter be sure to visit one of the below participating businesses and request your sheet now. All entries must be in by April 8th, 2017. (EVENT RSVP – HERE)

The Scullery – 200 Carlton
Stout Irish Pub – 221 Carlton
Pet Valu – 240 Carlton
Number 9 Audio – Group 222 Gerrard E.
Bill Morneau Office – 430 Parliament
Cycle Solutions – 444 Parliament
The Epicure Shop – 473 Parliament
HomeLife Realty One – 501 Parliament
Grinning Face Non-Dairy Gelato Goodness – 540 Parliament
Staij & Co. – 552 Parliament
El Charro Mexican Take Out & Catering – 582 Parliament

Cabbagetown Cranberries


We love holidays mainly for the food here in Cabbagetown! That said we rather have someone else cook for us! If you feel the same way, consider enjoying Easter Sunday Dinner with our member friends at Cranberries. The caramelized squash soup sounds delish and the roast turkey has us salivating. Find the full menu for Easter Sunday by clicking here and be sure to book ASAP!

Cabbagetown Spruce Home Decor


Let’s face it, when it comes to carbs, PIZZA RULES! The only problem with pizza? It is not exactly a BBQ item for the summer months, which is why Kim from Spruce Home Decor was excited when she made the life-changing discovery in finding the Uuni Wood-fired Pizza Oven. This little piece of genius is the definitive tool for your garden or outdoor kitchen. It’s designed specifically to take the cost, bulk and hassle out of using a wood-fired oven. It is perfect for high-heat cooking in the backyard or on the patio…at the cottage, or the beach…if you can carry it there, you can cook there. Think: pizza, flat bread, salmon, ribs… Just about anything that can be cooked or smoked at high heat. What does it run on? Little wooden pellets. Stop into Spruce Home Decor and find out more. All we ask is to be invited to your next pizza party.

Cabbagetown Cycle Toronto

MAY 4th

Are you already an avid downtown cyclist? Want to network with other cyclists, to boost your confidence when cycling around our neighbourhood? Many local residents walk, use TTC, taxis, car-share and bike, but might not be aware of the different activities of volunteer and not-for- profit groups who are working towards the same goals of safer streets.

Cycle Toronto’s Ward 28 Advocacy Group is hosting a Bike Town Hall, at 6:30 – 9:30pm, on Thursday, May 4 at Regent Park Community Centre (located at the corner of Shuter and Sackville St.). City staff will present Toronto’s 10 year Bike Plan, especially how it will benefit Ward 28 cyclists. Councillor Pam McConnell, MPP Glenn Murray and staff from MP Bill Morneau will explain how each level of government is working to improve cycling infrastructure and safety. Several community groups who are all working towards cycling as an important part of multi-modal transportation solutions will also be participating. Local bike stores and cycling clubs have also been invited to attend. A Question / Answer period will follow, and then informal networking session. Free food!

Their goal is to reach out to everyone who’d like to cycle safely and confidently in downtown Toronto, through this networking forum on May 4.

Cabbagetown Festival


It might seem early, but that’s why it is called an Early Bird Sale! The Cabbagetown BIA has just extended early registration for vendors at the Cabbagetown Festival. Book before April 28th, 2017 and take advantage of our discounted prices. If you are a vendor with made in Canada goods, a not-for-profit organization, a general or food vendor, sign up now!  After the 28th prices WILL go up! To find more info please click here and see vendor info at the bottom of the page.

Cabbagetown 517 Events


Planning social gatherings and meetings helps to foster ties within the community and strengthen social bonds. Parties and meetings are a perfect way to expand your network by inviting guests to bring friends, granting you the opportunity to make new acquaintances and learn new information.

Networking is important for those looking for jobs or even those who are already gainfully employed, and often, finding new opportunities is about who you know. Friends of friends are often critical to your job hunt as they are privy to information which you and your inner circle may not already know. In Cabbagetown our member friends at 517Events, located at Unit #2 of 517 Parliament St., offer 2,500 square feet of space, perfect for booking a 2-hour meeting or a 4+ hour party. Contact them today!

Cabbagetown Starbucks


Local group The Elephant’s Space held their first fundraising bingo night last month and tell us they could not have done it without the amazing support from our member friends at Starbucks here in Cabbagetown. Store manager Christina in not only donated prizes but also rallied the whole district to provide additional prizes including a beautiful espresso machine! Now THAT’s true Cabbagetown community spirit!

Cabbagetown The Epicure Shop Blog TO


We just LOVE seeing our members get featured in the media. Recently blogTO published their list of The Best Gourmet Food Stores In Toronto. Making the list of these 9 shops to visit was our member friends at The Epicure Shop, located at 473 Parliament St. The shop underwent a huge renovation, creating a new, brighter and bigger space, yet remaining true to it’s humble and familial beginnings. This paired with its coffee, cheese, meats, and sweets, (the shop carries a plethora of products that will satisfy anyone’s sweet or savory palate), it was no surprise it was included in this list.

Notice another Cabbagetown business or organization in the media? Email us,

Cabbagetown Kendall & Co.


Are you ready for some spring cleaning this month? We found this great post with 30 Spring Cleaning Tips to get you started. Spring cleaning is not only for residents but for shop owners too! Kevin and Kendall over at our member friends Kendall & Co. are in the midst of a deep spring clean at their shop, (with some help from their four legged brand ambassador). They are ready to say goodbye to some of their stock in order to make room before their spring/summer shipments arrive. They have rugs, lighting, tables, sofas, pillows and home accents at 40-70% off. Sounds like it is now or never! Find them at Parliament and Winchester, Mon-Fri 10 to 6 & Sat 11 to 5,

Cabbagetown Forsythia Festival


The whole neighbourhood is excited for the annual Forsythia Festival on May 7th from 10 – 4pm. The event takes place at Wellesley Park and will include a bouncy castle, face painting, crafts, a beer garden with BBQ and so much more. Grab the family and meet everyone at Winchester and Sumach at 10am for the neighbourhood parade and make sure to wear yellow if you can!

Cabbagetown Tony Lafazanis


Toronto is a city where cycling is strong and quickly becoming a preferred mode of transportation for those who are tired of having to deal with “signal delays” 😉 To keep you safe, our member friend, local lawyer Tony Lafazanis compiled a list of the 6 Most Common Causes Of Cycling Accidents. He recommends you review the list and think of ways you can try to avoid these scenarios so that you can continue to enjoy the ride.

Cabbagetown The Peartree Restaurant


We are never cooking at home again! There are so many great restaurants in Cabbagetown that we are very close to giving our fridge away! For the month of April, our member friends at The Peartree Restaurant have a special on you won’t want to miss. They have taken their prime, Canadian AAA grade 10oz Black Angus steak and paired it with a classic mushroom peppercorn red wine sauce, fresh vegetables and a choice of rice, potato or fresh cut fries. Reg. $22.99, now $18.99, only for April. Now, if we could just get a date…

Cabbagetown London Calling


What is the Easter Bunny bringing you this year? Maybe it is some chocolate from our member friends at London Calling where Andrew has packed his store with all kinds of Cadbury chocolate sweets. Be warned though, that pillow pooch appears to be guarding it with vengeance… Down boy!

Cabbagetown Dancing Mami


In the lifelong struggle to maintain and improve fitness, it is important to incorporate cardio, strength training, and stretching into your workout routine. Trying different activities and movements challenges your body, and it is important to incorporate variety into your workouts. New workouts are not only good for your body, but they’re also good for your brain when you learn something new! If you love to run, try cycling or swimming once in a while. If you love to cycle, try boxing or dancing. And if you can’t dance, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Moving to the rhythm of the music requires coordination between mind and body, and the entire objective it so increase your heart rate and keep it sustained at an elevated level for at least 20 minutes. If you’re looking to try a new cardio workout with easy dance moves, look no further! Contact our member friends at Dancing Mami today.

Cabbagetown Hastings Barber Shop

Like natural products that smell awesome? Our member friends at Hastings Barber Shop have their very own all natural shampoo and conditioner. They have packed them with essential oils such as peppermint and rosemary which stimulate the sebaceous glands to promote healthy scalp and hair growth. Te only ingredient missing? Cabbages… but we’ll let it slide 😉

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