509 Parliament - Cabbagetown

509 Parliament

Over the years the building at 509 Parliament has had the unique distinction of serving home to three types of entertainment. Film, radio and dance have all had a chance to flourish in this Cabbagetown landmark.

The Carlton


In 1919 the building opened as The Carlton, a neighborhood theater serving the Cabbagetown community. For less than a dime folks could catch a flick and get updated on the world’s goings-on by the newsreel which typically preceded a film. The theater’s business suffered following the advent of television sets in homes, closing its doors in 1954.

CBC Radio


CBC Radio soon after took over the space, where it would eventually become the home of Metro Morning for two decades. From 509 the Morning team broadcast to Torontonians all they needed to know from the heart of Cabbagetown. Integral to the team was of course Tuffy the cat.


Tuffy seen here with their official CBC ID badge.


Canadian Contemporary Dance Theater


In  1995 the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theater took over the space and has occupied it ever since. The CCDT has served as a home for the arts for the Cabbbagetown community, with their training program creating the next generation of Canadian dancers.




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