Poa Studio - Cabbagetown


Poa Studio

Poa Studio in historic Cabbagetown is the sister location to Poa Studio + Spa Torontonians have been frequenting at 98 Church since 2003. The Cabbagetown location also features small intimate yoga classes.

Owner Catherine Pacak as a child fell in love with the concept of fashion and how it can transform one’s mood watching her mother try dresses on. As an adult she enjoys bringing this joy to her relaxed welcoming boutiques. The fashion and travel enthusiast journeys to Paris nearly monthly to find new items to bring back to the delight of her clients. At first glance one might expect, given the quality and exclusivity of the garments, the care in service and the welcoming atmosphere, prices would be high, but a flip of the tag reveals accessible mid market price points first time shoppers will be pleasantly surprised by.

Catherine views her clients as personal friends and values their support. With this in mind, clients are advised to only go home with items they love and will experience joy while wearing often. Her instagram account offers sneak peaks of new items, her travels and highlights some of the amazing women who choose to shop with her time and time again. Catherine knows her customers can go anywhere to shop and thanks her passionate clients who keep coming back.

You can have all the fancy things in the world, but what really matters is how people speak to one another. It’s all about the importance of appreciating the small details that make life worthwhile,” says Catherine. With this in mind, she named her boutiques after a popular Swahili expression she heard often while in East Africa.  “We’d walk around and someone would shout, ‘Mambo?’ which can mean: Hi. How are things? How are you? The most common answer is Poa (Cool! or I’m cool!) which comes from the verb that means ‘to get cool or to feel better’.”

Call or email Catherine and her team to book an appointment to view the latest items and remember to appreciate the small details in life that bring you and others joy.


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