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Sage Real Estate Ltd.

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We are two Toronto Real Estate Sales Representatives who, in partnership with Sage Real Estate, have created a truly unique real estate office in the heart of Cabbagetown. Not to be confused with a traditional office space – we’ve eschewed formal desks, reception, and cubicles. Instead it’s just a cool open concept space for us to meet with people and talk about real estate. Under the management of Broker of Record and President of Sage Real Estate, Larry Sage, we are the only Sales Representatives that work here. So, there is no question of who you are actually dealing with when you walk in the door. We also use the space to showcase the community where we live and work. In fact, if you have a community oriented or not-for profit-event that needs an event space, get in touch. We’d be happy to open our doors for an evening. By teaming up with Sage and creating this office we are in the position to create an experience for our clients that is second to none in the City of Toronto. This partnership has also allowed us to create an incredible marketing plan for our listings and enhanced services for our buyers. Come by and see for yourselves how comfortable your next real estate experience can be.

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