The Children's Book Bank - Cabbagetown


The Children’s Book Bank


The Children’s Book Bank collects gently used children’s books from families who have finished with them and from publishers and retailers who cannot use them and distributes them through a storefront book bank in the Regent Park area of Toronto.

A visit to The Children’s Book Bank is much like a visit to a favourite children’s bookstore, except that the books are free of charge.  The Children’s Book Bank has a large inventory of beautiful books suitable for children from birth to age twelve.  Families are welcome to visit as often as they wish and every person is permitted to take and keep one book per visit. The Children’s Book Bank is staffed by child literacy experts who assist the customers in selecting appropriate books and who provide advice and support on literacy issues.

The Children’s Book Bank offers literacy support programs including Stories for Students, Books Beyond Berkeley Street, and B3 – Babies Building Brains.

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