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The August edition of Cabbagetown Living is packed with free activities for the kids, City Line coverage of a local fashion designer, a look back at our beloved 509 Parliament Street, excitement for the Sept 8th & 9th Cabbagetown Festival, and much more!

Free Safety Seminar & Grand Opening
Cabbagetown Martial Arts/Happy Kids Martial Arts Grand Opening is Sept. 8th during Cabbagetown Festival. Parents are invited to sign themselves and their children (ages 5-16) up for a FREE Back to School Safety Awareness Seminar.

Topics being covered include:
– Intelligence of Intuition
– Dealing with bullying
– Parent Responsibility
– Child Responsibility
– Situational Awareness
– Mindfulness and street smarts
– The art of negotiation

Open to ages 5-16 years
Parents must be in attendance.
Date: September 08, 2018 (Cabbagetown Festival)
Time: TBA
Location: 492 Parliament St.


Cabbagetown Martial Arts/Happy Kids Martial Arts

Join The Fun: T-Shirt Days & Cabbagetown Festival March Sign Up
Parents/Guardians, sign your kids up by Aug. 10th to tie dye a FREE shirt at one of two “T-Shirt Days” and participate in the Cabbagetown Festival March on Saturday September 8th!


August Lighting Event.
All of MiCasa’s fabulous table, floor, and pendant lighting will be 40% off. The sale doesn’t stop there, MiCasa will also be offering 20% off all special orders during the month of August. We look forward to see you!


Custom Framing VS DIY Framing
These days there are many options on the market for all types of framing projects. This month our member friends at Akasha Art Projects are sharing a few things to consider when deciding between DIY/store bought options or going to a custom framer (such as Akasha Art Projects or another).

1) Will I live with this piece for years to come?
2) Is this piece of art a valuable investment I want to protect?
3) Does the piece of art have a sentimental value to me?

If the artwork you own is a valuable original or has any sort of sentimental value, you may want to consider custom framing. Cardboards and acid based tapes (often found in inexpensive solutions) will damage and discolour artwork over time so it’s of utmost importance that you work with a framer that uses acid free and quality materials for the preservation and protection of the work if it is something you value.

Either way, working with the custom framer will guide you through the process to properly protect and present your piece. If you are concerned about budget, there are always options to make a project more cost effective, despite it being a custom creation.


Preserve, restore or renovate? What to do with your aging forged metal work.
Unlike the wrought iron of our ancestors time, modern mild steel is highly susceptible to corrosion from external factors like rain and chemicals or internal factors like condensation and the interactions of dissimilar metallurgy according to our friends at Hummingbird Metal Arts/Blacksmiths Assembled.

If your iron work has historical importance, conservation is the name of the game. Stopping corrosion from further weakening the piece and stabilizing the metal work is an art unto itself. The Royal Ontario Museum has metal conservation specialists who may be able to offer advice. If a piece has been damaged and requires restoration, a certified blacksmith is your answer. New pieces can be forged to match the existing piece in every detail. Repairs once complete should be seamless. Restoring old iron work also is a good time to clean and preserve the existing pieces. In a renovation everything is stripped back to the ground and new pieces may replace old if there is no historical component to the metal. Existing metal might be re-used in the new piece, or the whole structure may come to life at the anvil. Galvanizing any parts exposed to the elements is a must for new ironwork.



You’re Invited: Community BBQ With MP Bill Morneau
On Saturday August 18th, 11am – 3pm you are invited to a FREE community BBQ hosted by your local MP Bill Morneau. Join the fun, free eats, entertainment and games at Riverdale Park West at Winchester and Sumach. Please consider RSVPing using the button below to assist organizers in planning supplies.


3rd Floor Studio On City Line
Toronto fashion label, 3rd Floor Studio is based in Cabbagetown and was recently featured in City Line’s July 20th Fashion Friday episode! Find the full episode by clicking the button below!




Monthly Events 
“Pssssst, have you heard? Labour of Love hosts monthly events (most are free to the public). Coming up they’ve got a clothing trunk show, a paper flower making workshop, cocktail mixing demos and oh so much more! Sign up for their newsletter and find out about all the events. With fun events like this it is no wonder that we say we are #MoreThanCabbage.

Sign up for their newsletter to get your birthday discount and stay in the know.

Newsletter Sign Up


When do I need a building permit?
A Building Permit is your formal permission to start construction, demolition or renovation on your property our friends at HomeLife/Realty One Ltd. explain . Before renovations, the municipality’s staff must review your plans to ensure compliance with the Building Code, local Zoning By-laws, and other applicable regulations.

Building Permits regulate various types of building construction that are allowed in the community and ensure that they meet all building standards. The building permit process protects both the owner’s interests and those of the community at large. Failure to obtain proper Building Permits can result in costly construction delays, legal action and/or the removal of work already completed.
In many cases, your designer or contractor will get permits on your behalf. Remember, as the building owner, you are ultimately responsible for complying with all building requirements.

A Building Permit is required:
• Construct a new building
• Any addition to an existing building
• Structural alterations
• Renovate, repair or add to a building
• Demolish or remove all or a portion of a building
• Change a building’s use
• Install, change, or remove partitions / load bearing walls
• Make new openings for/change the size of, doors & windows
• Build a garage, balcony or deck
• Excavate a basement or construct a foundation
• Install or modify heating, plumbing or air-conditioning systems
• Install or reconstruct chimneys or fireplaces
• An accessory structure larger than 108 sq. ft. in area
• A deck more than 24″ above ground
• A wood burning stove/fireplace installation
• A basement entrance or a second suite
• New or altered plumbing.


The Cabbagetown Festival relies on a team of amazing volunteers to keep things running smoothly. Volunteering at the Cabbagetown Festival is a fun, easy experience. Perfect for supporters of the community, high school students, or anyone looking to have a fun day in the sun. If you’re looking to make someone’s day a little bit brighter, helping out at the Festival is the place to be.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email

A Side Of Soup
Our member friend Yeti was thrilled to meet Jack Canfield – co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books together with her coach, Scott Keffer. Who out there has not read at least one of these awesome books?! We wonder what magical advice Canfield shared with Yeti.


HomeLife/Realty One Ltd.
Your Neighbourhood Realtors®
New: Market at a Glance to Your Inbox
Are you looking for a way to break down the latest Toronto/GTA housing market figures? Now you can with our new monthly Market at A Glance infographic. Talk to one of our realtors today and he or she will send it directly to your inbox. Follow us on social media to view our Market at A Glance. (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.)


Choosing the right light fixture
Lighting is truly one of the most important aspects of a room. From table and floor to pendant lights, our friends at Mi Casa have provided three questions you should ask yourself when shopping for any one of these:

  1. Design elements – does it fit and/or compliment the other design elements of the room?
  2. Will it light your room properly to suit the room’s purpose and your activities? (Task light vs ambient.)
  3. Is the scale appropriate? This is especially true for table lamps. Consider the height of the table it is being placed on and the height of surrounding seating.Asking yourself these three questions will help guide you to selecting the perfect light.


Contact the team at Yeti Law if you need help with Estate Planning and Administration. At Yet Law they speak English, not “legalese” as others in the field often do which can frustrate and confuse.


Covering A Design Trend
Our member friends at Kendall & Co. know wallpaper can transform your home far more than a fresh coat of paint. There are so many patterns to consider, people often overlook the various types beyond printed, patterned paper and the function those others provide:

Prepasted are aimed for those with a modest budget, wanting a DIY project. Some in particular are also easily removable which are great for apartment renters who need to return the space back to bare walls.

Vinyls are geared for bathrooms, kitchens, vestibules and young children where moisture, stains & dirt are a common place

Naturals such as grasscloths, mica, cork, silk, feather, and wood veneers, offer a natural and minimal look as a textured backdrop for sophisticated artwork

Murals provide a larger scale design with less pattern repeat for a more dramatic effect. With the advent of custom digital murals, any image is now possible and scalable to any size.

Fabrics can also be turned into wallcoverings and make a room into a cozy cocoon. Although there is a cost for the treatment to turn fabric into so, fabric widths are commonly more than double the average wallpaper widths. This means less yards are needed to balance the equation.

Hand Painted is the most premium due to the inherent skills and time involved, but it is literally turning your wall into a masterpiece

Budget for wallcoverings start at around $150/roll to the sky is the limit. Most from reputable manufacturers are in the $250-350 per roll range. Professional installation would be from $800 for an accent wall or from $1,200 for a powder room. For the uninitiated, start with an accent wall or even the back of a bookcase before graduating to an entire room or the new trend in wallpapering the ceiling!

Wallpaper is a colourful, visual and tactile product and best to shop in person with the help of a design professional (such as those found at Kendall & Co. who just happen to be rated Best Wallpaper Shop in Toronto 😉 )


St. James Town Festival
Presented by SJT Community Corner and STJ Service Providers Network, St. James Town Festival take places in conjunction with Cabbagetown Festival and celebrates the richly diverse community of St. James Town. Be sure to join the fun on Saturday September 8th, 2-7pm


Stop by Akasha Art Projects Gallery space and experience their latest show! The bright, intimate space on historic Carlton Street hosts some amazing works that are not to be missed.


Covering All Grounds
KENDALL & Co introduces their 1st New Collection of Area Rugs for the next season. Find comfort in cozy wools, joy in colours and versatility with synthetics. Come see and feel their Handmade & Fair Trade Collection. Whether for the city or cottage, indoors or outdoors, standard or custom size, KENDALL & Co has covered the grounds in their one-stop-shop for furnishings and decorating. 514 Parliament St. Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 11-5 & Sun 12-4.



Frizzy Hair?
Dealing with frizzy hair can be a challenge, especially in the humid summer weather. Some days you might want to hide under a hat and call it quits. Our member friend Nano, owner of Hair Spa says there are many great shampoos and conditioners out there that help to combat the frizz and suggest frizz fighters try the Pai-Shau brand. Their products have powerful ingredients that help tame your mane. Treatment serums are also great as they help to keep your hair from drying out. It can be trial and error, but have not fear, there are products out there that work well for different people. Feel free to stop in and ask for more tips designed to your hair!


Eat your bonbons. Bold, elegant flatware has arrived at Labour of Love.


Cabbagetown Festival – Saturday Sept. 8th & 9th
Cabbagetown’s 42nd annual Cabbagetown Festival is fast approaching. Be sure to join and share the official facebook event. Want to volunteer at the festival (we could really use your help) please sign up now! This is a great opportunity for highschool students to complete volunteer hours.



Digital Main Street In Cabbagetown Helping Members
Munaver (left) is one of the many Cabbagetown businesses who have been meeting with the Cabbagetown BIA sponsored Digital Main Street Squad Member Ricardo (right) this summer. Ricardo has been helping Cabbagetown businesses with everything digital. From websites and social media to point of sale solutions and Google My Business listings, Ricardo helps local business owners learn, create and use it all. Members who are looking to work with Ricardo can sign up still, but time is running out as the program is here only for the summer!


509 Parliament
Do you know the history of our beloved 509 Parliament, now home of the CCDT? Our summer student Christopher whipped up some fun info about this address and we’ve added it to our website under our new Tours & Sights menu tab. Click the button below for a 1 minute history lesson on 509 Parliament. (Cute cat photo included!)



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