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Cabbagetown Living

Cabbagetown Living [July 2018]

Historic Cabbagetown is one of Toronto’s best kept secrets, (in our humble opinion.)  In this edition of Cabbagetown Living you’ll discover a hot new restaurant, take a close-up look at our Cabbagetown Pollinator Gardens, learn a new summer cocktail, get some expert advice on creating your own designer salon style picture wall, find out how to improve your resume, how to combat the impact of blue screen, how not to tick people off on social media and so much more. 

Spruce’s monthly cocktail is bright and fresh! It’s courtesy of of Gracie Carroll from Edit Seven – a lifestyle + fashion blogger and local Cabbagetowner!

Easy summer days at the cottage are better with easy summer cocktails! Wine cocktails are a breeze and this Granita Cocktail made with Sauvignon Blanc and fresh grapefruit juice is refreshing and crazy delicious on a hot day. It also takes almost zero effort to make which is perfect for a lazy long weekend, right?

Here’s how to make it: – Combine 750 ml of grapefruit juice with 750 ml (1 bottle) of Sauvignon Blanc (Gracie recommends Kim Crawford) in a shallow container, cover with plastic wrap and place in the freezer. Using a fork, stir the mixture every 30 minutes, breaking up the ice until granita is frozen (about 3 hours). Scoop into chilled glasses and serve with a desert spoon! We love Gracie’s choice of glassware from Spruce!


Riverdale Farm Spotted On Instagram

Shout-out to @caitrcox on instagram who shared this image taken at Riverdale Farm. Popular with Toronto families, Riverdale Farm is free to visit, (donations accepted) and is located at 201 Winchester Street.


Downton Abby Meets Queer As Folk
Cabbagetown’s The Social Smiths recently partnered with local comic/writer and first-time webseries creator Robert Watson to fund the second season of A Gay Victorian Affair; a fun, subversive webseries about what it takes to survive as a Queer person in Victorian England. (Think Downton Abby meets Queer As Folk.)
Check out the campaign or watch the first episode by clicking here. 


Cabbagetown Pollinator Gardens

Our Cabbagetown Pollinator Gardens are growing. Take a look at this short video to see what all the BUZZ is about 😉

The gardens are cared for by Green Thumbs Growing Kids and Restorative Landscapes. Check the gardens out at Amelia & Parliament, Carlton & Parliament, Spruce & Parliament. 


Learn how to stop ticking people off on social media!

Enjoy this FREE presentation at The Social Smiths Studio on 574 & 1/2 Parliament Street, Thursday July 12th, 6pm-7pm.

You’ve opened your social accounts, uploaded some content, read some tutorials on social-for-business, convinced your friends and family to follow you…. now what? Why’s it so dang hard to generate an audience for your page? Advance your knowledge of social media to help quickly and efficiently grow your audience without spending oodles of time on research and driving your buds nuts.

What you’ll learn:
10 mistakes you can stop making today
Sorta-kinda-secrets for social success
5 effective strategies for better social sharing
What is ”Edgerank” and why does it want to destroy your Facebook page?

You should join us if:
You have some experience with social media
You have a business or personal brand that can benefit from accessing and engaging an online audience
You dislike/hate/are annoyed by social media, but you’re serious about making it work for you
You like free coffee & snacks

Free to join, but you MUST RSVP to attend:


Creatively Displaying Art in your Home

This month our friends at Akasha Art Projects have some tips on how you can create aesthetically pleasing compositions in your home by re hanging framed artwork in a “Salon Style”.

This method of grouping art together, first originated in France during the 17th century.
Hanging art in this method will add elements of interest to your wall and potentially allow you to display more of your collection.

After gathering the artwork, use painters tape or craft paper to map out your design. Give yourself lots of time to step back and edit the look before making any holes. Choosing like frames will add a sleek symmetrical and contemporary look whereas mixing up the look with various frame styles, colours and depths gives a more classical feel.

Experiment with verticals and horizontals in your grouping. Consider adding small shelves that hold tiny objects or little framed mirrors to create extra visual interest.

Most of all, allow the wall to be a reflection of your personal taste and style.

Enjoy your new home gallery!


Screen Time & Your Eye Health
Are you reading this blog on your laptop, computer, smartphone or another screened device? There is no escaping it, screen time for many of us is a big part of our day. Our friends at Parliament Optical are reminding us this month to take care of your eyes, especially when it comes to screen time. The blue light from your devices may be linked to a macular degeneration which is an impairment of central vision. Pair this with the fact that we tend to blink less when staring at our screens and the results are simply not good. Two good rules of thumb are to keep your screen at least 16 inches away from your face and to bump up the font size by zooming in. If you wear glasses, Parliament Optical offers a UV420 film coating for lenses to help protect you from the blue light. Stop in to find out more details.


Cabbagetown Movie In The Park
As a big thank you for shopping local all year, the businesses of Cabbagetown BIA invite you to Cabbagetown Movie In The Park! The night kicks off at 6pm with food stalls and a live band. Join us at Riverdale Park West, in front of Riverdale Farm, 201 Winchester Street for this FREE Cabbagetown BIA sponsored event. Come hungry! Food stalls will feature Freshed Right Salad and Juice Bar, Absolute Bakery and The Women’s Development Network with Yonge Street Mission.

The community chosen movie being screened at dusk (approx 8:45pm) will be FANTASTIC MR. FOX. Rolling Stone says, “This movie deserves to be called groundbreaking.” Filmmaker Magazine says it is “a triumph in animated storytelling.” Featuring the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Jason Schwartzman this movie will appeal the the hearts of all ages. Bring your friends and family and please note our rain date is Wednesday July 25th.



Are You “ATS” Ready?

When I first looked for a job, it was the 1970’s, and I only needed a pen to complete a paper application form.

By the 1980’s, I needed a 2-page resume which started with my name in size 24 font on brightly coloured neon paper so I would stand out in the crowd.

By the 1990’s, I needed a slightly more refined resume with lots of accomplishments and transferable skills listed.

Now in 2018, I need to make sure my resume and cover letter are ready to move beyond the initial reader called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The poignant reality is that it is often not a person that reads applications for positions at large companies; it’s a machine.

In contrast, the hopeful reality is that Cabbagetown is home to a small office where ATS-ready resumes are always discussed. Tucked between Cranberries Restaurant and the Absolute Bakery, at 595 Parliament is the Centre for Education and Training. It’s our neighbourhood gem that can help almost any job seeker. Check for details.


Cabbagetown BIA welcomes Jugemu Sushi. Toronto foodies are going to want to check out this new hot spot. Jugemu Sushi is part of the Zakkushi Group of restaurants and just opened! It caters to a refined foodie palette searching for quality authentic Nigiri/Sashimi and small Japanese tapas.

Their seasonal dishes, traditional appetizers and daily fresh seafood offerings are sure to excite your senses and pair expertly with a range of hard to find sake.


NEW BUSINESS ALERT – Parliament Animal Hospital
Cabbagetown BIA welcomes Parliament Animal Hospital. The newly opened animal hospital is located at 584 Parliament Street and is the second location owned by Dr. Behrooz Tamjidi who has been successfully practicing veterinary in GTA for over 13 years, and for 9 years at his first animal hospital in North York, Toronto. They offer various procedures/products/foods and whatever else you may need for your beloved furry babies. Dr. Tamjidi is grateful to all the kind-hearted residents of Cabbagetown who have stopped by and welcomed him to the neighbourhood and invites you to stop by and say hello!


Farewell to El Charro

Our Friends at El Charro have outgrown their space at 582 Parliament and have moved to a new location at 788 Broadview Ave. In an email to Cabbagetown BIA, business owner Jair wrote, “Thank you for all the support this past 1 1/2 yrs. Everyone here has been supportive and we will miss all of our Cabbagetown neighbours. Without everyone’s support, we wouldn’t have been able to open a bigger spot! So thank you!

Cabbagetown BIA wishes El Charro all the best and thanks them for their time in Cabbagetown.

Spotted On Instagram
Shout-out to @sam.daytripper on instagram for sharing this photo of our member friends at Salt & Tobacco Pizzeria and Jet Fuel Coffee. Her caption invited her followers to answer a simple question, pizza or coffee, which one could you live without? It was a hard decision. We suggested instead having pizza flavoured coffee…. It was not well received.


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