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Our friends at Buds and Blossoms are excited for spring and have come up with some activity ideas for you and your young ones to enjoy the season.

1) Take a walk through nature and play ‘I Spy’: Can you spot any buds on tree or bush branches? Shoots coming up from the ground? What animals and bugs are waking up and coming out to play after their winter sleep?

2) Plant some seeds to put in your windowsill and watch them grow! Draw a picture of what you see every few days. How is it changing? How is it staying the same? (Bonus tip: Starting off seeds in an ice cream cone that you plant in the ground when it’s warmer weather is an eco-friendly way to garden!)

3) Did you know many baby animals are born in the spring? Try to figure out why that is! Check out books at the public library or book bank, or ask someone who works at Riverdale Farm. Maybe you could even play a matching game— match the baby animal to their grown-up!

Buds & Blossoms can’t wait to celebrate the season with you! To get ready for the season they’ve made lots of preparations in their own home to welcome the sunshine, warmer weather and new life. They’ve been working hard on a beautiful paper flower installation on their photo wall that will be up soon, and also finally got their big beautiful signs up on the door and windows! Stop in and see them soon!


The CRA’s (Cabbagetown Residents Association) main community activity each year is the annual Forsythia Festival, set this year for Sunday, May 6, from 10 am. to 3 p.m. This is a FREE event made possible by the hard work of hundreds of volunteers, led this year by Forsythia co-chairs Shawna Pereira and Carolyn Jarman, and by the generous sponsorship of our local businesses.

Volunteers are needed to help supervise various activity stations at Wellesley Park on the day of the festival. Volunteer shifts are kept short to allow you enough time to enjoy some of the festival with your own family.

Over 100 individual volunteers will do everything from face paint, to assist at the food and beverage area, to tie doughnuts to tree branches (which is way more fun than you might think.) Help is needed to set up and take down tents and activity stations. People are even needed to help as marshalls for the Festival-opening neighbourhood parade. If you would like to volunteer, or sponsor, please contact organizers at for more details.

Freshed Right Salad and Juice Bar, 298 Gerrard offers a wide selection of fresh, cold pressed, all-natural fruit and vegetable juices. Our juices run from our plain Raw Orange Juice to our more sophisticated Citrus Blast – made up of four different citrus fruits. Or, try our Liver Cleanse that incorporates beet, apple, blueberry, broccoli, ginger, lemon and carrot in a very tasty combination. We also have green juices and juices with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in digestion like our Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Turmeric juice and our Pineapple, Ginger, Apple, Orange juice. An 8 oz juice is $3.99 and a 12 oz, only $4.99. You can check us out online at but the juice selection changes all the time so why not drop by Freshed Right to check out what we have Freshed for you today. To develop a customized juice cleanse plan, drop by, call us at 647-951-5247 or contact us at


In February the Cabbagetown BIA held an online contest where the public guessed how many candies were in a jar and invited friends to play along.. One of our lucky winner was @tdotdrinks from instagram. He won a $50 gift card to the Cabbagetown business of his choice and selected House On Parliament. Hope you enjoy your time at the HOP @tdotdrinks!

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Many of our local businesses are truly invested in helping our local community. Our member friends at The Irv Pub raised $1000 for the Cabbagetown Boxing Club in December. The Cabbagetown Boxing Club offers programs for all ages including an after school group.
Here is a fun fact about the location of the club at 2 Lancaster Ave in Cabbagetown, the building was built in 1923 and was originally a small factory for automobiles! Check out the Cabbagetown Boxing Club today!



Check out these smiling faces in Cabbagetown who came out to support one of our local businesses! Labour Of Love is getting ready for some renovations (new concept, new product, new floor plan.) They have been trying to make room for the construction team by clearing out some stock before the reno starts by offering their clients an appreciation discount. The team there decided they wanted to make it extra fun by giving shoppers the opportunity to gamble for a higher (or lower) discount when they roll a dice. Thank you to the people pictured here and for the many many others who are not, for supporting our local businesses. You are all “high rollers” in our hearts!


Our friends at Hair Spa like to have fun and want you to as well (even when you are running errands.) Many view getting your hair done as “me time” but for others it can be a chore. They like to offer clients tea to help turn it back into “me time” and suggest you try to find simple ways to make other errands become more enjoyable and mix up your routine.. Maybe that’s doing errands with a friend and using the time to catch up, or listening to your favourite music or an entertaining podcast. We are all so busy these days, don’t forget to look for the small joys in life and switch up your routine!



When you walk through Cabbagetown you can’t resist its charm. This is where the Victorian heritage homes from one of Toronto’s oldest Neighbourhood coexists with the new vibrant shops and businesses. HomeLife Realty One Ltd. has been located in the heart of it for the past 25 years. We service the real estate needs of this diverse community and beyond. Old Cabbagetown is home to Toronto’s finest heritage architecture where narrow streets and magnificent trees create a unique and vibrant neighbourhood. Cabbagetown has the largest collection of small-scale domestic Victorian architecture in North America.
As well our office is located within a short distance from many of Toronto’s newest condominiums. This makes it possible for our representatives to stay familiar with the latest developments of both new and resale condominiums. As a mainstay in the community for over 25 years, HomeLife/Realty One has seen the changes and we have grown with it. As a community member we support many local programs such as the Cabbagetown Forsythia Festival, the HomeLife Realty One Youth Soccer Team, school Breakfast Program, etc. Cabbagetown offers tremendous opportunities to its residents and we enjoy being a part of it. We love Cabbagetown!
HomeLife/Realty One is a full-service brokerage with highly trained sales representatives and support staff. Our sales representatives will meet your individual needs whether you are buying or selling. Come in and talk with us… We’ll help you succeed!


Our member friends at Tasty Pita have passed the one year mark in Cabbagetown. Lavern (pictured) and husband Ozy (who was too shy for a photo) have fallen in love with Cabbagetown and Cabbagetown has fallen for them. The Cabbagetown BIA are thrilled to have these members as part of our BIA family and wish them continued success. Stop in and find out why their Google reviews are so stellar!


Sleep apnea is a common and serious sleep disorder causing people to stop breathing during sleep. (YIKES!) The airway becomes blocked which limits the amount of air that reaches your lungs. An obvious result many experience is snoring loudly or making choking noises as they breathe. Your brain and body becomes oxygen deprived and you may wake up. This can happen a few times a night or even a few hundred times in very bad cases.

According to, sleep apnea, is caused by the tissue in the back of the throat collapsing. On their site they explain the muscles of the upper airway relax when you fall asleep and if you sleep on your back, gravity can cause the tongue to fall back. This narrows the airway, which reduces the amount of air that can reach your lungs. The narrowed airway causes snoring by making the tissue in back of the throat vibrate as you breathe.

If you are or suspect you are experiencing sleep apnea our member friends at Dr. P.Shillingford & Assoc., 470 parliament St may be able to help. They have some simple package solutions for people who have been told that they will need to get a breathing machine to help them with this very common problem, but may not be interested in such an uncomfortable and intrusive solution. Contact Dr. P.Shillingford & Assoc. to learn about what they can offer. Depending on your level of sleep apnea, many options are financially attractive.


The annual Cabbagetown Bunny Hop will be Saturday March 24th from 11am to 1pm at Carlton and Parliament. This FREE event includes live music, refreshments, kids’ crafts, free books and a special visit from a certain rabbit ready to take some selfies! Bring the whole family down and get to know your neighbours at this event hosted by the Cabbagetown BIA on behalf of all our members who want to thank the community for supporting local business all year round. Find out more about Cabbagetown and visit the BIZ Directory on This event would not be possible without our event partners at St James Town Steak and Chops, Staij & Co, The Sumach By Chartwell, The Children’s Book Bank, Meridian and Buds & Blossoms.


Know someone on the street who needs help? There are many resources in downtown Toronto for those who need them, but knowing where to go can be confusing. Our friends at the Downtown Yonge BIA made this handy booklet which highlights places with food, health care, showers, beds, clothing banks, shelter and help attaining ID. If you know someone who can use this information, please print and share it with them. The Cabbagetown BIA are able to print copies if you are not able to.


Kendall & Co. is making Cabbagetown proud again and reminding us just how good we have it here in Cabbagetown with some awesome award winning businesses! For the 4th consecutive year, this Cabbagetown business has won “Best In Service” based on highest level for client satisfaction by Houzz! Houzz is the leading website for residential remodeling and connects homeowners with Design & Trade Professionals. Way to go team Kendall & Co.! Every day, Kendall, Kevin and their team strive to create a welcoming one-stop-shop for furnishing and decorating right here in Cabbagetown for your home.

Check out client testimonials on Houzz by clicking here and be sure to stop by this local independent business to learn about their comprehensive services and products. Like all our members, Kendall and Co. add so much value to our neighbourhood’s main street and invest in our local community. Do you know another local business who has won an award? Let us know!


On Thursday March 1st our friends at The Irv Gastro Pub celebrated their 4th anniversary in Cabbagetown. The Cabbagetown BIA congratulates them on 4 successful years here with us in our historic neighbourhood. If you have not been to visit The Irv Gastro Pub yet, make plans to this week!


Our Swag Shop has added a new fundraising item made right here in Toronto. The Cabbagetown acorn street sign pin lets you show off your love for the hood everyday when you pin it to your lapel, bag, or even pencil case. (The options are limitless.) Get yours today!

Toronto’s “acorn” street signs were introduced in the 1950’s. They are named for the acorn shape that sits at the top of the sign. They have provided the streets with a characteristic that is unique to Toronto. While many have been phased out across the City of Toronto, Cabbagetown is filled with these iconic signs. Carry one with you always by wearing this lucky pin and supporting the fundraising efforts of the Cabbagetown BIA.


Looking for fun activities for the kids to do over March Break? Our friends at The Children’s Book Bank are offering everything from storytime to singalongs, a drawing workshop and even some puppetry! Be sure to click the button below to view the full schedule now and get ready to have a great March Break right here in Cabbagetown.


Hair Spa is a professional hair salon in Cabbagetown. They specialize in all your hair needs and use organic, natural product that is healthy for your hair and your health. Visit or stop in and see them for a visit at 440 parliament st. Toronto ON M2A 3A5. 416 920 5643.


With spring just around the corner our minds turn to shedding our warm winter clothing and breaking out our spring and summer wardrobe. For those that want to freshen up and juice things up in preparation for the change in seasons fresh juices can provide a tasty and healthy solution to get you started.

Cold pressed, all-natural fruit and vegetable juices will not only refresh you they contain ingredients that will improve your health and, if used in a three-day or five-day juice cleanse, can even help you shed a few winter pounds, if that’s what you’re looking to do.

Our friends at Freshed Right Salad and Juice bar recommend livening up your morning with Carrot, Apple, Ginger or Turmeric juice. Everyone knows that carrots and apples are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But did you know that in addition to enhancing flavour, ginger and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties, aid in digestion, and can help reduce cholesterol – primarily LDL cholesterol (the bad one) –
among other health benefits. A great way to start the day and the rest of your life.

To juice up your evening meal, you can’t beat the benefits of Pineapple, Ginger, Apple, Orange juice. Pineapple contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that breaks down protein and is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Both the pineapple and the ginger will help you absorb the most important nutrients from your dinner by improving digestion. The high antioxidant level in ginger along with the high amount of manganese in pineapple – necessary for antioxidant and enzyme function – will help your body repair damage from free radicals throughout the night as you sleep.


Our friends at Cycle Solutions want to know what bike-related goal you want to crush in 2018. Maybe it is mastering a new skill, like bunny hopping or nailing tricky switchbacks? Maybe you’ll declare that you simply want to ride more often or explore more? January and February are already gone, but you still have 10 long and opportunity-filled months to break out your bikes and crush your goals.

Cycle Solutions is loving what is going on over on where they asked their female riders to share their ideas for 2018 goals. Some goals are going to change lives, some are deeply personal, but all will be 100% worth it and inspire us all. Click the button below to view these goals and get inspired to set your own!


New concept, new products, new floor plan. We think change is good!

Until the end of March, we are having a BIG floor to basement sale before our renovations! We’re offering 25% off our entire inventory. But if you wanna gamble, roll a dice and get a chance to win more (or less) of a discount.


With March comes spring and soon we’ll feel the pleasure of longer days, warmer temperatures and witness the renewal of nature’s beauty. Along with the longer days comes our longing for flowers and sunlight and planting a garden as one of the many ways you can welcome the rewards that spring brings.

Whether you’ve been living in your home for a while or you’ve just settled into a new home, you may want to do a little work on your outdoor space. Making sure that you tend to both the outside and inside of your property can create a genuinely relaxing atmosphere, especially after a long, hard day at work.

Our friends at HomeLife/Realty One Ltd. remind us that gardening not only spruces up the exterior of your home; it’s also very relaxing. It can be a lot of fun planting the seeds of a new home, and many find gardening helps to combat stress and anxiety, while increasing a general sense of well-being. It can even be enjoyed by the whole family!
If you’re looking to create the perfect garden, you’ll need to do a bit of planning. When you’re getting all of your equipment together the team at HomeLife/Realty One Ltd. suggest you consider:
– Where you would like your garden to be (including where it can get the best sunlight, shade, and water, depending on the needs of the plants)
– What plants you would like to have. Are you a flower person? Or would you prefer to have more vegetables in your garden?
– What other accents you would like (i.e. statues, bird baths, water fountains, etc.)
– The overall size of the garden.
– How much time you would like to spend tending the garden. Some people prefer something that’s lower maintenance, while others enjoy getting out into the garden at least once a day. The amount of time you are willing to spend will be influenced by the size of the garden itself.
– Whether you would like to plant your seeds and grow the plants, or you’d prefer to plant your greens while they are fully grown.
– The climate you are in. Not all perennials will flourish in certain climates.
– Whether you have children or pets that can potentially get into the garden.
– Your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Fortunately, gardening doesn’t always have to be an expensive hobby.

Once you have all of your materials together, it’s time to get started! As with all things, gardening requires a little extra patience, so don’t try to do everything at once. If you’re transplanting anything, start with those things first, and then plant and decorate accordingly. You might feel like this might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship for you and your outdoor space.

For more wonderful ideas, talk with our friends at HomeLife/Realty One, your neighbourhood realtors® and see what they can do for you!


Our neighbours at TDT are celebrating their 50th anniversary season! WOW what an accomplishment. Just think of all the dancers over the years. To commemorate this special year they are presenting something special called Glass Fields, which will be an exhilarating program of dances created in response to Christopher House’s masterwork, Glass Houses (1983). The program includes premieres by Amanda Acorn, Jasmyn Fyffe, Hanna Kiel, Tedd Robinson and House and ends with a performance of the original work. This is sure to be an entertaining event. (March 20th – March 24th.)


TFO 24.7 was recently filming in Cabbagetown. This online show entertains, informs and comments on the social and cultural discoveries of Canadian Francophones. Their shoot in our hood was all about Albert Bélanger a former Cabbagetowner. Due to his professional boxing skills he became a sports icon in the Roaring 20s. Much of the shoot took place inside the Cabbagetown Boxing Club.

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