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Local Biz Spotlight: Hair Spa

Nano originally wanted to study interior design, having just gotten married and starting a family, though, she felt it was not feasible at the time and began to wonder what other career paths she should explore. Her father-in-law knew his daughter-in-law was a creative woman and suggested the idea of becoming a hairstylist. Nano jumped on the idea and never looked back.

After working in Toronto salons for years, Nano decided she wanted to have her own. She wanted it to be a place her clients would enjoy spending time just as much as she did. It is just over 3 years ago that Nano took over Cabbagetown’s Hair Spa at 440 Parliament from the former owner and began changing and updating it into her own space.

Today she enjoys cutting, styling and colouring the locks of Cabbagetowners as they share stories covering just about every topic under the sun. Of course the topic of raising a family often comes up, and having three sons herself, Nano can always relate!

Stop in to see Nano at Hair Spa, 440 Parliament for your next cut, colour, style updo or beyond. You might walk in feeling a mess, but Nano will make sure you walk out feeling like a diva 😉

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