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Member Resources

Our Member Resource Page was created with help from our friends at Roncesvalles Village BIA and Parkdale Village BIA. We thank them for their support.

This page contains information on items we are most frequently asked about by our members.  Please see the Table of Contents below and check back for updates.

Table Of Contents

What Is A BIA?
Am I In The Cabbagetown BIA?
How Do I Register For Updates And Get Listed?
Who Operates The Cabbagetown BIA?
Who Funds The Cabbagetown BIA?
How Do I Open A Business? – Permits & Licenses, A Frames
Business Directory Listing / Google My Business
Garbage Pick Up / Waste Wizard
Facade Improvement Program
Heritage Tax Rebate Program
Local City Of Toronto Councillor
Snow Removal
Deliveries before 7am and after 7pm
Street Lights & Other Asset/Issues
Cabbagetown Festival


What Is A BIA?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is made up of commercial property owners and their non residential tenants in a defined area. Working in partnership with the City of Toronto, they find ways to improve their neighbourhood in order to maintain and attract business. To learn more about the history of Cabbagetown and the Cabbagetown BIA please use the button below. For further information on Toronto BIAs and how they work, please click here.


Am I In The Cabbagetown BIA?

The Cabbagetown BIA is made up of specific addresses along parts of Carlton Street, Parliament Street and Gerrard Street. Click the button below to view a map showing which parts of these streets are officially in the Cabbagetown BIA.


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How Do I Register For Updates And Get Listed?

If your business is located in a property within the Cabbagetown BIA boundaries, as illustrated in the map, to register for updates, be featured on and receive member communications, please contact our office directly for more details. We can be reached at 416-921-0857 or

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Who Operates The Cabbagetown BIA?

The Cabbagetown BIA is run by a volunteer board and an office staff of one.

Volunteer Board

The Cabbagetown BIA has a volunteer board. Board members are business and/or commercial property owners within the Cabbagetown BIA. They donate their time and expertise working closely with office staff. You can view volunteer board member’s bios using the button below.


Currently the Cabbagetown BIA has one full time staff member, Executive Director Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski. The Executive Director works with the volunteer board helping identify their needs, goals and priorities and then takes action to achieve these items. While the Cabbagetown Festival is executed in large part by a contracted festival producer, the Executive Director works closely with the producer while managing all other (but not limited to) initiatives, events, promotions, agreements, member relations, communications, marketing, etc of the Cabbagetown BIA. 

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Who Funds The Cabbagetown BIA?

Property owners pay a levy through their property taxes, often passing the levy onto commercial tenants as either a part of their rent or as a seperate fee. How this is handled is a decision between the property owner and the tennant.

From year to year, based on the dollar value the BIA sets as their levy, the levy rate will fluctuate slightly. In recent years the levy rate for Cabbagetown BIA has been approx 0.14% of the value of the commercial property. This is added onto the commercial property tax bill, as a separate line item, sent to the commercial building owner by the City of Toronto. Please note, property tax in recent years has been approx 2.5% of the value of the commercial property.

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How Do I Open A Business?

The following are links business owners find helpful. If you are not able to locate the information you require using the links below, please dial 311 on your phone to connect with the City of Toronto to request assistance.

For zoning information, please check out this interactive City of Toronto map.

Business Permit / License (non food related)
Looking to attain a business license for a business in the City of Toronto, please visit the City of Toronto’s website using the button below.

Business License (Food, no seating)
To attain a business license to operate a business selling food, where no seating is provided (grocery store, convenience store, etc) please visit the City of Toronto’s website using the button below.

Restaurant License
To open a restaurant you will need a license. All information on how to attain a license is outlined on the City of Toronto’s website using the button below. (Make sure to complete the Preliminary Project Review for Business Licence first as outlined on the page.)

Liquor License
If you plan to serve alcohol you will need to apply for a liquor license. Information on this can be found on the City of Toronto’s website using the button below.

Renovating/Building Permits
If you plan to renovate your inside or outside your space you will need building permits. Information on building permits can be found on the city of Toronto’s website.

As of 2015, the City of Toronto A-frame bylaw requires permits for A-frame and other portable signs. Please contact the City of Toronto Licence & Permit Issuing Office at 416-392-6700 to ask how to attain a permit. The Cabbagetown BIA will provide a letter of support for your application once you are ready to submit. Cabbagetown BIA support on this item is conditional. The business owner must place the sign curbside, in line with hydro poles, trees and other street furniture as to avoid blocking the right of way and must abide by any other conditions and or by-laws set out by the City of Toronto. Failure to comply will result in the Cabbagetown BIA revoking support.

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Business Directory Listing

Make it easy for potential clients to find the information they need to do business with you. Set up your listings. BIZ Directory
Businesses located within the Cabbagetown BIA are eligible for a complementary business listing in our BIZ Directory on To request updates to information or images on your directory please email us at Images must be in jpeg format and should be 1000 pixels wide. In some cases stock images may be added to business listings.

Google My Business
Cabbagetown BIA members are strongly encouraged to take time to set up their Google My Business listing. This is a free service offered by Google making it easy for those searching for you to find your location, hours, contact details including website and more.

To start, visit using the button below. Be sure to update your hours every time they change and refresh images and information once or twice a year. The Google My Business listing platform offers other additional FREE options which can be reviewed once you have completed the basics.


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Facade Improvement Program

Historically, the City of Toronto offers a facade improvement program to businesses who are members of BIAs annually in late winter. In recent years business owners have been eligible for 50%, up to $10,000 of approved improvements ($12,500 for corner lots.) To learn more about this program please use the button below. Please note, you must be approved for the grant BEFORE work begins.


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Heritage Tax Rebate Program

Commercial properties that are on Carlton Street and located in the Cabbagetown North/West Heritage Conservation District may be eligible to apply to receive a rebate (from the City of Toronto) for the costs of maintenance and conservation related facade work. They can receive a rebate equivalent to 50% of the cost of eligible facade work, up to a maximum of 40% of annual taxes (capped at $50k, or $500k if individually designated).

Heritage Tax Rebate Program

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Garbage Pick Up / Waste Wizard

Carlton and Parliament Street businesses may place garbage, recycling and organics out after 6pm Monday evening. All bins and remaining debris must be removed by 7am Tuesday.

Gerrard Street businesses may place items out for pick up after 6pm Wednesday evening and must remove bins and any remaining debris by 7am Thursday, however, what can be placed out alternates each week. Depending on the schedule, one week is for organics and recycling, while the next is for organics and garbage.

Please click the button below to check your pick up schedule based on your address. Not registered for pick up? Please call 311.


What is Garbage vs Organics vs Recycling?
The City of Toronto offers a helpful tool for identifying which bin to place waste in called the Waste Wizard.


Street Litter
The City of Toronto provides some sidewalk/road litter cleaning services. The Cabbagetown BIA augments this with an additional part time cleaner 4 days a week. Dale Bilby has been with the Cabbagetown BIA for over 25 years and treats the streets and sidewalks as they were his own. He along with the Cabbagetown BIA office staff encourage you to do the same and pick up litter and place in public receptacles when you see it. Together we can minimize street litter in Cabbagetown.

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Members of the Cabbagetown BIA are asked to report all criminal activity to Toronto Police Services Division 51 every time it occurs. Reporting not only has the potential to assist with solving cases, but it also creates a record of occurrences illustrating linked cases and the need for policing in Cabbagetown. Please see below to learn how to report and download the HOW TO REPORT A CRIME infographic to print and keep by your phone.


In the case of an emergency or where a crime is in progress, please call 911 immediately and be prepared to give the address, your contact info and description of your emergency.

Common Reports
If you need to report one of the following items please do so online by using the button below. (Scroll to the bottom of the linked page and choose the corresponding report.)

– Theft Under $5000
– Damaged To Property Under $5000
– Damage To Vehicle Under $5000
– Theft From Vehicle
– Lost Property
– Traffic/Driving Complaint
– Local Neighourhood Traffic Issue or Concern
– Fraud Under $5000
– Graffiti


Ongoing Issues
If you have an ongoing issue included but not limited the ones listed below, please us the button below to enter a community complaint or contact Division 51 and request a Community Complaint Form. 416-808-5100. Be sure to include your full name and contact details so that an officer can follow up with you.

Examples of Ongoing issues
– Trespassing
– Nuisance issues
– Noise Complaints


NOTE: For mental health related items, please contact 311 who can try to connect the individual with assistance. Please only contact Toronto Police regarding individuals with mental health issues if they are engaging in criminal activities.

Panhandling on public property is considered legal unless the panhandler is threatening physical harm, obstructing your path, using abusive language, following you along your walk (not staying stationary and allowing you to pass), intoxicated or keeps asking after you’ve already declined. No one is allowed to panhandle at an ATM, payphone, or public washroom, public transit stop or taxi stand, on a public transit vehicle, while you are getting in our out of your private vehicle, in a parking lot or if you are in your vehicle on the road.

Non Emergency Items
If you want to report a non emergency crime not listed under the Common Reports section above please call 416-808-2222.

Reporting Anonymously
If you have any information on a crime you want to report anonymously, please contact Crime Stoppers
Call: 1-800-222-8477
Text: “TOR” and your message to 274637

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Local City Of Toronto Councillor

Your City of Toronto Councillor is Kristyn Wong-Tam of Ward 13,, 416-392-7903. 

Mailing Address:
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite A5
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
Telephone: 416-392-7903
Fax: 416-696-4300

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Snow Removal

Who Clears The Snow?
While snow removal is provided by the city in many areas, it depends on the month and snow accumulation levels, (please see below.) Snow removal by the city is often not immediate and can impact your business by deterring customers, making it hard for customers/clients to travel our streets and can cause injury if not maintained. On residential streets Torontonians are asked to shovel sidewalks within 12 hours. Within the Cabbagetown BIA boundaries you are strongly encouraged to do the same to help keep streets walkable and safe in order to encourage business. Take turns with your neighbours and help keep our streets safe.

When, Where and Where Not, City Snow Removal
The following sidewalks are plowed by the city, however this is month and accumulation dependent (see below).
Wellesley St E
Parliament St
Carlton St
Gerrard St E.

NOTE: If you are on a corner, only the main streets listed here will be cleared. You are responsible for clearing side streets within, if not before 12 hours of snow fall ending. Failure to remove snow and ice could result in a City of Toronto fine of $100.00 plus $25.00 surcharge, total $125.00 as per Municipal Code Chapter 719 every time.

Months and Accumulation Required
November, 8 cm minimum is required to accumulate before the city will plow sidewalks*
December 2 cm minimum is required to accumulate before the city will plow sidewalks*
January, 2 cm minimum is required to accumulate before the city will plow sidewalks*
February, 2 cm minimum is required to accumulate before the city will plow sidewalks*
March, 2 cm minimum is required to accumulate before the city will plow sidewalks*
April, 8 cm minimum is required to accumulate before the city will plow sidewalks*

*If snow accumulation is under these measurements, business owners will need to shovel the sidewalk themselves.

Helpful Links
Snow Clearing Level of Service

Road Classification – Street Name Listing


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Deliveries before 7am and after 7pm

Commercial trucks are not allowed on side streets/residential streets before 7am or after 7pm. Trucks are asked to turn engines off while unloading, this includes refrigerators if possible. Parking Authority will issue tickets to drivers who not abide. It is your responsibility to inform/remind your delivery companies. Please respect our neighbours.

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Street Lights & Other Asset/Issues

If a standard issue Toronto Hydro street light has issues, please report the issue and the address to Toronto Hydro, 416-542-8000 or save time and use the button below to report online.


If a decorative, vintage inspired green painted light unit is out, please report with the address to the Cabbagetown BIA by dialing 416-921-0857 or emailing These lights are serviced approximately once per quarter in batches of 3 minimum.

Other Assets/Issues

Need to report an issue with other public assets? Please see two lists of items below and report to the appropriate contact.

City of Toronto, dial 311 for the following:
– Waste Collection
– Litter
– Roads
– Water
– Animals
– Winter Issues
– Complaints and Comments
– Street Trees
– Bicycle Rings
– Street furniture (transit shelters, public garbage cans posting boards/columns, newspaper kiosks)

Cabbagetown BIA, dial 416-921-0857 or email for the following:
– Floral hanging baskets on TTC and Hydro poles
– Floral beds at Carlton and Parliament, Parliament and Spruce, Parliament and Winchester.
– Decorative, vintage inspired pedestrian lights

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It is not illegal to be homeless and or beg for money on public property, however, if a homeless individual is interfering with your business or the public, please contact 311 who can determine what resources can be dispatched. If the person is violent, endangering you or another’s safety or partaking in a criminal activity, Toronto Police should be contacted by dialing 911.

In many cases, homeless people are experiencing mental issues / challenges. It is important to remember they are part of your community. Toronto Police have advised that if you are comfortable, do not be afraid to introduce yourself and ask their name. Treating them with respect and patience can often improve and even end unfavourable encounters.

To learn more about mental illness and work being done in our area, take a moment to learn about Progress Place,, one of the many social organizations in the downtown core.

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The Cabbagetown BIA organizes various community events in order to attract people to the area. In recent years these have included Cabbagetown Festival (Sept.), Cabbagetown Holiday Kick Off (Nov.), Cabbagetown Bunny Hop (Mar.), Cabbagetown Bike Safety/Spring Tune Up (Jun.), Cabbagetown Movie In The Park (Jul.). Members are encouraged to get involved with all events and opportunities are emailed out. For more details on Cabbagetown Festival, please see below.)

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Cabbagetown Festival

What is Cabbagetown Festival?
Founded over 40 years ago, in 1976, Cabbagetown Festival takes place the second weekend of September annually and is one of Toronto’s longest running and most beloved street festivals. A true community event, the festival attracts 50,000 – 80,000 attendees from within the historic neighbourhood, and throughout the city. Taking over the main streets of the neighbourhood for two days, locals and visitors from across the GTA come together to enjoy this FREE family friendly, entertainment packed weekend.

Member Participation
Members are invited to participate on the street at no charge, (food vendors and patios are required to pay for fencing barricades as required by the City of Toronto and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.) Please contact us to learn what activities are acceptable.

Members must confirm with the Cabbagetown BIA if they wish to utilize the allotted road space outside of their business (traditionally the first lane of traffic), respecting festival deadlines. Members who do not confirm, forfeit the space which is then available to incoming vendors.

In 2018 the festival is estimated to represent 15% or less of the not-for-profit Cabbagetown BIA’s annual member levy budget thanks to strong fundraising, sponsorship agreements and booth sales from non BIA members.


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