Montreal artist Donna y Jacobs at Cabbagetown Festival

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Montreal artist Donna y Jacobs at Cabbagetown Festival

Toronto’s Cabbagetown Festival Sept 12-13, 2015
Drawing Out Loud The Many Faces of Lyme Disease art exhibit depicts the horrors of Lyme Disease, artist Donna y Jacobs raises funds for her daughter’s battle and better testing and treatment in Canada.

Montreal artist Donna y Jacobs has her art on display from Sept 12-13th, @Cabbagetown_BIA Festival on Parliament and Aberdeen and hopes her charcoal drawings will raise awareness about the horrors of the deadly outcomes of Chronic Lyme Disease, as well as, the urgent need for improved diagnosis and treatment in Canada.

Commentary from previous exhibits:
“Jacobs says the exhibit, called Drawing Out Loud, the Many Faces of Lyme Disease, tries to expose the emotional torments of the tick-borne illness both for those who suffer from its potentially disastrous effects and for their families.
“Lyme disease is not very well recognized in Canada,” Jacobs says, “nor is it properly diagnosed, nor do we have proper testing.”Jacobs adds that her own daughter, Bronwyn, was likely infected 20 years ago at a Girl Guide Camp in Quebec. However, the disease went undiagnosed until she married a U.S. citizen and ended up in an American hospital where her husband insisted that she be tested. Today, Bronwyn, who just turned 29, is being treated for multiple health problems.” (written by Bruce Wark,, Nova Scotia)

The battle continues for Bronwyn, while mother and daughter unite to raise awareness on daunting reality of life with Lyme. Come out to meet the artist and learn about prevention through information provided by CanLyme and Donna’s first hand knowledge of the disease.

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The art is powerful and provocative. You don’t need to have the disease to connect with the dimensions of human emotion in Donna y’s work.  Just like they did when they first hung in Bronwyn’s hospital rooms during life and death procedures where doctors came from other floors to see these drawings everyone was talking about. Medical barriers of  constraint were broken down then they saw the vulnerability of a human being fighting for her life. No matter one’s background, culture or beliefs, the early sketches stunned investors and drew them in to Bronwyn’s fight depicted hauntingly through Donna’s visual narrative. 
For every print sold, $5.00 will be going to CanLyme and cumulatively $10,00 will go to helping Bronwyn pay her medical bills in the U.S.
For every other piece of art or card sold, a portion goes to fighting Lyme and to increase awareness across Canada through the progression of Donna’s work and sustain her travelling exhibit.
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